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Chesterfield Inlet Outfitters

Inns North

The Tangmaavik Hotel

Tangmavik Hotel

in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut

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Chesterfield Inlet Outfitters

Chesterfield Inlet on Fish Bay is known to many fishermen as the best place to catch char. The angler may find some competition as pods of Beluga whales and Orca whales come to Fish Bay to feed on char.

Outfitters from Chesterfield Inlet can organize:

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Beluga Whale Watching Tours

Beluga whale looking for Arctic char

Polar Bears

Polar bears near Chesterfield Inlet

Caribou Migration

Caribou Migration

Hudson Bay Boating

Boating on Hudson Bay


Chesterfield Inlet Outfitters

Aqigiq Hunters and Trappers Organization

For information about the area, access to outfitters and caribou hunting tours

Phone: (867) 898-9063
Fax: (867) 898-9079

Long Inlet Safari and Adventure - sightseeing and sport fishing

Phone: (867) 898-9322
Fax: (867) 898-9153

Northwind Outfitting - for boat tours and fishing

Phone: (867) 898-9931
Fax: (867) 898-9108

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