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Inns North

The Tangmavik Hotel

Tangmavik Hotel

in Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut

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Eco Adventure Travel Tours

Chesterfield Inlet is the launch point for a variety of eco adventures. The friendly staff at the Tangmavik Hotel can help you organize:

  • whale watching tours
  • Thule archeology tours
  • Chesterfield Inlet walking tours
  • trips to see the caribou migration
  • bird watching expeditions

Imagine seeing thousands of migrating caribou while a peregrine falcon circles overhead. Have you always wanted to go whale watching? The outfitters in Chesterfield Inlet understand the flow of life in this part of the Arctic. They can help you:

  • choose the perfect time for your visit
  • organize equipment
  • guide you when you arrive


Birdwatching Tours
An Arctic tern in the tundra flowers

Beluga Whale Watching
Go Beluga whale watching

Thousands of caribou migrating
Thousands of caribou migrating


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