The Tangmavik Hotel
Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut

Chesterfield Inlet,
Nunavut Canada

The community of Chesterfield Inlet

Chesterfield Inlet has been permanently settled since 1910, making it one of the oldest of the modern Inuit settlements in the Arctic. Long before that, the inlet on Fish Bay was a popular place to camp. Visitors will find ancient Thule sites nearby where ancient Thule tent rings and animal traps still stand today. Inuit still travel to this area each year to hunt and fish. You can learn about the community by hiking the Chesterfield Inlet Historic Trail. (more...)

Arctic Char

Boating on Hudson Bay

Tangmavik Hotel
is part of the

Inns North
group of Canadian Arctic hotels

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A distinctive and cozy 7 room retreat nestled off the Western shore of the historic Hudson Bay. The Tangmavik Inns North hotel offers our guests the finest of amenities in an idyllic Arctic setting. (more...)

Guest Room
The spacious rooms at the Tangmaavik Hotel
Migrating Caribou
Large caribou migration

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